Fungus Zone


Fungus Zone is a Neocities blog created and run by Mike Horowitz, an artist and animator living in Tiohtià:ke - Mooniyang (Montréal). He hopes to cultivate this site as a place to practice longer form writing, think more critically about the works he engages with, and to have a little fun. Each new post will also be accompanied by a commissioned work of art in the hopes that this (arguably) selfish endeavour can simultaneously provide material benefit to others, too.

For more on his approach to this space and its vision, please read The Fungus Manifesto.

Personal Links

Friends of the Fungus

Cool Folks and Sites

  • Adam Le Doux - Blog by the creator of Bitsy.
  • CD-ROM Journal - Website dedicated to archiving and discussing CD-ROM games.
  • Critical Distance - Website that collects interesting writing and video essays on games from around the web.
  • Indie Tsutshin - Website highlighting Japanese indie games and their developers.
  • Kimimi the Game-Eating She-Monster - Personal blog with fascinating dives and highlights on older and non-English-localized games.
  • Mangasplaining - Podcast about introducing manga to new readers. Excellent and thorough show notes for each episode!
  • No Escape - Covers video games and media, lots of great posts.
  • Ranged Touch - Podcast network with Just King Things and Game Studies Study Buddies, which I'm really enjoying right now.
  • Renkon - Personal blog of Renkon, who runs Indie Tsushin and whose guide helped me migrate over to 11ty. Thank you!
  • Virtual Moose - Blog on interactive fiction and the history of Detroit game development.